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  • Get the Best Solution for You
    Get the Best Solution for You

    Broadband internet access services with DSL are much more than 'just' a fast connection to the internet - we have a range of Broadband Services whether you are connecting a single computer at home or a network for your company.

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  • Solutions for a small planet
    Solutions for a small planet

    Most reliable and high-speed Internet access. In Dedicated Subscription offer, you can decide your own access speed. Lowest possible communication error. No line-of-sight restrictions. No need to set up any Tower.

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Residential Solutions Switch to Eirtelbd for honest, affordable, Bangladesh based service that works. Offering nationwide Dial-up, DSL, and Wireless. call 0197- eirtel-3/4read more
Services Include
  • Fastest Internet with speeds up to 1 Mbps
  • Available in NW Ohio and SE Michigan
Business Solutions All the services a small business needs delivered by a trusted company; Internet, Website, and Managed Security all on one invoice. call 0197- eirtel-3/4 read more
Services Include
  • Internet speeds up to 2 Mbps
  • Must qualify your location
Up to 250 Mbps
High speed internet

One of the original speed tests delivering accurate results without the flash.

Test your Internet Performance

Surf up to 19x faster than normal dial-up

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